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Suffering is a part of life. I have experienced it, fully, deeply. This has led me to discovering something other, something less, something more.


Being ourselves, living in the present moment, in awareness, brings us to greater connection, deeper knowing and healing. We can experience bliss or blessing in ordinary life. And then, begin to give from an authentic naturalness; our true nature.

Being – Sat (Sanskrit: सत्)

Noun. The nature or essence of a person; exist
Verb. Exist

Living authentically, connecting, aliveness, nature.

Awareness – Chit (Sanskrit चित्)

Noun. Consciousness

Verb. To be aware of

Being aware of the present moment without judgement, Understanding, true nature.

Joy/Love/Bliss – Ānanda (Sanskrit: आनन्द)

Noun, Happiness, state of love and blessings

When we live in blessings, in love, we can experience the bliss of joy of life; regardless of what is happening around us; our natural state.

SATCHITANANDA – Being Consciousness Bliss – Our True Nature
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Ready for a change in life? Need Support?

Healing support for awakening, life choices, sadness, depression,anxiety and/or a deeper spiritual connection.

With holistic life counseling, your life can change dramatically and you will see shifts coming fast, synchronicity paving the way for more fulfillment and positive energy flowing freely.  This is achieved through healing and support. I aim to provide a counseling service that helps with cognitive development alongside spiritual development. By spiritual I mean letting go of the conditioned or negative ego through integrating methods of self awareness and transcendental growth.

Want real change, understanding, acceptance, positive outcomes, growth, support and harmony in life?

In a warm and compassionate environment, West End Therapies ,Megan Jackson offers support  for those who need to make fundamental changes in their mind, body and spirit. It is usually the beginning of an incredible journey of self discovery and opening to greater love and understanding of self which follows through to others, which in effect brings deeper happiness.

Although I have a tried and tested successful model in place,  I work  with each individual differently according to their personality, mental abilities, creative capacities and spiritual development thus far, as well as my own highly developed intuition. I work predominately with meditation, incorporating self awareness, mantra, art therapy, journaling, ritual and the divine feminine, with an underpinning of  Buddhist and Hindu principles.  I also work with people who are experiencing spiritual crisis and/or awakening (my deepest passion).  More about my work and me.

My counselling and healing is transcendental, life changing and a little magical. I can’t wait to begin the work with you.

I offer private face to face an Skype Counselling consultation sessions in my healing space. ($95.00 per hr and $40 per half hour thereafter – negotiable for low income earners or people with health care card from $50 p/h). I Can do Sunday morning in urgent cases. I now also have Skype consultations. Initial consultation is 1.5 to 2 hrs @$150.00.

Or you can do the self paced  online mindfulness self healing course @ $250 in total!  Currently 50 % OFF

Testimonial : “OMG I haven’t felt this good since I was about nine years old. Thank you so much Megan”

Testimonial “Thank you from the bottom of my heart Megan, I am not sure I would be alive today if I didn’t come across you”

Please note all profits gained through West End Therapies go towards working projects, such as ‘Women in Need Retreat‘ program, that aim to enrich and heal our society.

Contact Me  – I also do  Skpe counselling worldwide

Growing up in dysfunctional families by George A. Boyd © 1992

When you grow up in a dysfunctional family, you experience trauma and pain from your parents’ actions, words, and attitudes. Because of this trauma you experienced, you grew up changed, different from other children, missing important parts of necessary parenting that prepare you for adulthood, missing parts of your childhood when you were forced into unnatural roles within your family. For some of you, it has led you to attempt to flee the pain of your past by alcohol or drug use. Others of you feel inexplicably compelled to repeat the abuses that were done to you on your own children or with your own spouse. Others of you have felt inner anxiety or rage, and don’t know why you feel as you do.

You were innocent, and your life was changed dramatically by forces in your family you had no control over, and now you are an adult survivor of that trauma. This article will discuss what these families are like, what is the impact of growing up in these families, and what you can do to begin the process of healing go to this page to read further.

Sessions @ only $95.00 per hr and negotiable for people with a health care card (usually $60/50 per session). Initial consultation is 1.5 to 2 hrs @$150.00.Please contact me to discuss.

warm blessings


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