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I am Megan Jackson, a 48 year old mother, mentor, healer, counsellor, writer, artist, meditation facilitator, charity director and tarot card reader, living in Brisbane Australia. I am currently operating from my healing space in West End Qld. I  provide a mindfulness and self awareness counselling service that helps with cognitive development alongside spiritual and creative development. By spiritual I mean letting go of the ego graplings through integrating methods of self awareness, creativity and transcendental growth.

In my own spiritual journey I have come to realise that it is my dharma to commit to a life of service through helping others.

Although I have a tried and tested successful model in place,  I work  with each individual differently according to their personality, mental abilities, creative capacities and spiritual development thus far, as well as my own highly developed intuition. I work predominately with meditation, incorporating self awareness, mantra, art therapy, journaling, ritual and divine feminine aspects with an underpinning of  Buddhist and Hindu principles.  I also work with people experiencing spiritual crisis and/or awakening (my specialty).

I generally work with each client  weekly for three months, then gradually move on to fortnightly and monthly and then impromptu sessions. My aim is to help people become empowered  by their ability to create change, make decisions and grow in independent self worth and therefore feel three months is a suitable time for a realistic initial transformation to occur. In cases of spiritual crisis the time is often longer, up to a year or more. I am a guide and support to this process, I only impart experienced wisdom and encourage each person to heal through self compassion and active self love.  Which then places them in a position to create necessary and positive changes.

I believe that in most cases people are what they think and therefore what they feel. This is the base of where we begin to work, using modalities from basic counseling theory along side transcendental healing modalities. In other words, holistic healing, working on all levels physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. Remembering they are all interconnected and one cannot heal with out the other.

I have studied (independently) psychology, journalism, philosophy, spirituality, metaphysics and people throughout the years and am ever growing and learning. I am an intuitive and feel rewarded when using my intuitive gift and elated when people’s lives change for the better from my guidance and insight. I have noticed an 80% success rate from moving from deep sadness or anxiety to functioning well and beginning to enjoy life.

I have been researching metaphysics, spirituality, awareness, meditation, law of attraction, holistic healing, medicine plants and esoteric phenomena both in theory and practice, at a conscious level for 14 years. The greatest gift I have received from this journey is the absolute knowing that compassion, giving and service are the foundations of acquiring true happiness and the path to true growth. I have also grown from a place of self doubt, poverty consciousness, self sabotage to a place of awareness, success, healthy relationships, deep inner peace and a closeness to true self. Please take a look at my healing blog for some fun and informative reading on these topics.

I have been involved in goal setting practices for ten years, seeing amazing personal success and successes of those attending my workshops; which I have been exclusively running in the local area for 5 years. I have now developed an intensive goals setting formula that is fun and accessible, but as always involves commitment and some hard work. As each person begins to move from crisis an heals, we begin to work with life goals to help them move forward on their life journey with purpose and meaning – This is an exciting part of the process.

Please note all profits gained through West end Therapies go towards working projects, such as ‘Women in Need” project , that aims to enrich and heal our society.

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