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    awakening through Tarot

    Awakening Through Tarot book

    awakening through tarot bookAwakening through Tarot – a comprehensive look at the Major Arcana with Buddhist, Hindu and ancient perspectives.
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    Empty Self Buddhism

    Empty Self Tantra – Navigating Buddhism in the modern world

    I am currently writing a book highlighting contemporary Buddhism, it’s psychological hindrances in the age of fad and technology, how to navigate the tricky language and paradoxical implications, what tantra is not and what was the actually Buddha teaching us? Was it the whole truth!

    I will be dissecting the original texts and bringing light to it’s meaningfulness in the modern age and sharing stories of contemporary Buddhists and my own path of digging into to Buddhist Teachings. Alongside sharing and explaining practical traditional Tantric techniques and rituals for the reader to engage and experience

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    minfulness for prosperity and happiness

    Mindfulness Course Discount

    Begin our six week Online Mindfulness Course to begin a new life journey of more inner peace and prosperity NOW!
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  • ritual for love

    Ritual for Love prosperity and clearing

    Choose from the different rituals

    Love, Prosperity, Clearing

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  • tarot reading online

    Tarot Readings

    One question reading

    2 question reading

    3 question reading

    Love tarot (five cards)

    Celtic Cross (10 cards)

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    train the brain course

    Train the Brain online Course

    NeuroPlasticity the new science affirms the ancient wisdom, our mind creates our reality. this course will help you to retrain the brain and create a more positive and peaceful life. Preorder the discounted course here 75% off

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