My art and spirituality novel

I published a book and am in the middle of writing my second one! This excites me 🙂

"Megsie's art work is stunning and unique, it has a raw vibrancy and naivety that is totally captivating" - Dr Sally Adnam Jones.
 Arts Educator and Masters in Yoga

art and spirituality

You can get a copy here on Amazon The Art of Modern Spirituality Amazon

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An illustrated book of wisdom embracing classic art, philosophy and contemporary spirituality.

Using classic artist’s works – from Van Gogh and Picasso to Frida Kahlo, along with her own sketchings – Megsie creates a pastiche of wisdom that grapples with the suffering and joys of authenticity and awakening to one’s true self in contemporary life.

Giving life to the surrendering and truth, irrevocable on the path,’The Art of Modern Spirituality’, is a candid yet compassionate and often intelligently comical illustration of the dark and light polarities of the modern spiritual path.


Awakening through tarot

Is my new book currently being written. If you have ever been interested in learning to read the tarot this is the ideal book.

It is a thorough investigation of the Major Arcana as a tool for self development and as a divination resource. It comes with original artworks and interpretations of the process of spiritual development that is depicted in the Major Arcana with a humorous subplot (See picture on the right)  as well as a more serious examination of the original tarot using the Rider Waite and Thoth decks as the reference points.

You can pre-order it here at a discounted rate and be one of the first to receive a copy, hot off the press.  Due for release in July 2018

awakening through tarot book
The Moon Tarot card


awakening through Tarot


Empty Self Tantra
Negative Ego Positive Ego

Navigating Buddhism in a messed up World

Empty Self Buddhism

I am currently writing a book highlighting contemporary Buddhism, it’s psychological hindrances in the age of fad and technology, how to navigate the tricky language and paradoxical implications, what tantra is not and what was the actually Buddha teaching us? Was it the whole truth!

I will be dissecting the original texts and bringing light to it’s meaningfulness in the modern age  and sharing stories of contemporary Buddhists and my own path of digging into to Buddhist Teachings. Alongside sharing and explaining practical traditional Tantric techniques and rituals for the reader to engage and experience.

due to release December 2019.

I am also working on this project!!!


Women In Need is an initiative to help provide healing and rehabilitation, with an emphasis on affordable accommodation, for refugee women and children and women in need of retreat In Queensland Australia.


Warm Blessings