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One question tarot card reading $30.00
one question tarot reaing

The one question reading is a precise and concise answer to a question you have on your mind that requires a direct answer and is the most affordable tarot card reading. It is usually about three to five paragraphs long and concentrates on a specific question. People usually use this option if they need quick and accurate clarity or guidance or prophecy around a particular issue. Get 2 questions for $45 or 3 for $65. order here

Love Tarot reading – $50.00

Love tarot is a five card spread focusing on relations and soulmate

If you are looking for insight and answers to an existing relationship, a broken relationship or an unknown relationship Рmy love tarot card readings can give a deeper understanding to the situation. They offer healing and advice to help you achieve greater romance, deeper love tarot readingunderstanding and more joy, and/or specific information to help you acquire an authentic and lasting partnership. My love tarot reading can help you see if you are with your soulmate or if great love is coming to you. It is an affordable tarot and a wonderful healing gift for the soul.

The love tarot is a five card reading: past present, future, other person and obstacles/positives. It is a thorough reading with a minimum of ten paragraphs. The reading looks at the influences of the past the current situation and how it may effect the future.

The future possibilities and advice on how to achieve them. The other person’s trait’s and feelings and the positive or negative influences. It can elaborate on the people or person currently in your life, a person of your past or someone in your future or the possibilities surrounding the three. They come with a healing energy and an affirmation directed by the spirit energies I conjure in the reading. order here

Comprehensive Celtic cross tarot reading $70

celtic cross tarot readigCeltic cross tarot card reading 10 card spread

A ten card spread and the most well known throughout history. It has survived so long because the layout of the cards is simple, but powerful. A strong energy has built up around this spread as it has been in use by so many people over the years.

The Celtic Cross is a comprehensive spread that encompasses general issues from romance, academia, finances, career, business, relationships, life purpose, family issues and spiritual development or direction. You can request a specific question and this is advised. However sometimes this reading is deeper or more diverse and will give you insight or information into situations and issues you may not be aware of or contemplating.

The beauty of this reading is it delves deeply into your situaiton, can see where you are going if you continue on your current path and/or can see into you past present and future. Often this reading gives absolute prophecy. order here