Ritual and mandalas

Mandala (Sanskrit: मण्डल Maṇḍala, ‘circle’) is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the Universe. The basic form of most mandalas is a square with four gates containing a circle with a center point.

Mandalas were used in healing, going back to ancient civilisations and were introduced to the West by Carl Jung in the late 1800s.. They have a profound healing and universal message.  I create a personal Mandala for you which you can then print out and place somewhere you can see it each day for a 5 minute meditation. It’s an enriching and enjoyable experience that has been known to create positive and energetic and cognitive shifts.

You can order a mandala for $40Au on its own as a way accessing your own healing


Rituals – love, clearing and prosperity

 I am now offering rituals for love, prosperity and to rid negative energies that may be holding you back. I have made  these as affordable as possible. Charging for ingredients and resources and minimal for time : $60.00AU
Ritual  uses natural resources and connection to spirit to energetically create positive shifts in our lives.  I use only white (positive) energies and natural resources and will never cast a ritual with negative intent or onto another person.

As a pagan I have experienced and attend to the philosophy of the laws of three and therefore will never do a ritual or spell that effects the free will of a person other then who the ritual is being cast for – I will never do return a love ritual – as I feel this interferes with free will. However, I can do healing rituals to remove negative energies and karmic ties between you and another – but again I work from the person not the other.

Rituals and spells work from inside out. This means that a ritual may bring up inner issues to resolve and heal as the magic creates changes on the outer life.

For each ritual I will connect with spirit and draw a mandala – each mandala is unique – will send you a photo of the Mandala for you to print out and hang somewhere special for you to connect with the energies of the ritual. I will also use the mandala in the fire ritual – often there is a spirit present in the ritual (see picture) – usually faerie spirits come through but sometimes unicorns and such like. I will take a photo of this also and send to you so you can explore the spirit on your own terms 🙂

Soulmate and love rituals are very powerful and can bring an abundance of love into your life. It is often with a ritual like this that many people will be attracted to you – Much healing can occur in this period. But the soul you are meant to be with will become very obvious and clear as the energies manifest. I offer a general love spell to improve love in your life and a full soulmate ritual.

magic ritual brisbane
Tree of life love heart flame

Money problems can be shifted with a ritual to remove obstacle and can bring money coming in from unusual sources. I include a safe guard in these ritual so that the effect is harmonious and coming from good source not a negative source.

Prosperity can be shifted with a prosperity spell. This ritual is designed to create general prosperity. It creates a path to unusual synchroncities and openness in you to experience the ever present opportunities that are surrounding you.

rituals and spells faerie
See the Faery dancing

The clearing spell I designed works on deep levels to clear karmic and current life energies that may be stopping you from moving forward successfully in all areas of life. This is recommended if things have not being going well in any area of your life and can increase possibilities of prosperity and greater flow and happiness. It is a very healing period and many things and people that no longer serve you may leave your life during this cleansing process.

Love, prosperity and clearing rituals take me about an hour each day for 4 days and soulmate and spells take anywhere up to two hrs each day for 5 days. I spend one or two days collecting natural resources and meditating on the ritual and general preparation. Most rituals will be conducted within 4 days of ordering.

I am no longer doing soulmate rituals as I no longer feel they are appropriate 🙂

Rituals  are valued at $60 and mandals $40 take approximately 3 to 6 months to take full effect. They begin almost immediately with an increase in dreams, inner sensations, and healing events occurring seemingly out of nowhere. If you would like a ritual please purchase below and send me details of your Full name, D.O.B and a picture for me to work with .