Bali retreat – Kamala Room

up to 50%  OFF  Normally $1800- $2100 USD

Kamala is one of 4 huts built in the traditional Balinese style,Kamala is the first hut at the beginning of these 4 huts, and therefore closest to the main pathway. An advantage being that it only has a shared wall on one side. The Kamala bed is a large King that can be split into singles, making it suitable for either a couple or 2 friends. Booking done separately. Flights not included.
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Spiritual Retreats Ubud Bali

Spiritual Retreat Ubud Bali ESSENCE of BALI – June 1-5 2019 Nature  Meditation  Yoga  Tranquility  Freedom 5 day luxurious wilderness and inner peace retreat in Divine UBUD BALI – ISLAND of the GODS A Spiritual Sanctuary Our Vision     IS … Read More

Empty Self Buddhism
Empty Self Tantra – Navigating Buddhism in the modern world

I am currently writing a book highlighting contemporary Buddhism, it’s psychological hindrances in the age of fad and technology, how to navigate the tricky language and paradoxical implications, what tantra is not and what was the actually Buddha teaching us? Was it the whole truth!

I will be dissecting the original texts and bringing light to it’s meaningfulness in the modern age and sharing stories of contemporary Buddhists and my own path of digging into to Buddhist Teachings. Alongside sharing and explaining practical traditional Tantric techniques and rituals for the reader to engage and experience… Read More

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